Terje – the worlds best lusekofta

In the current issue of Snowboarder you’ll find an excellent interview with Terje Haakonsen. Over more than 10 pages you get to know the amazing snowboarder from Norway. Once he was most famous for the Haakon flip and for boycotting the Olympics. These days he is just simple an icon. His long term relationship with Burton has given us amazing boards such as T6, the Fish and the Malolo.

Terje Haakonsen
Terje – the best snowboarder in the world.

Terje tells it like it is. He complains about the capitalization of snowboarding and how Shaun White and riders such a like sell out. He even sounds a bit like Glen E Friedman when he once hated on Tony Hawk for selling out to McDonalds and a bunch of other multi national companies. The core is snowboarding (and in Mr Friedmans case skateboarding). That is something we should never forget.

In the same issue you get a really good interview with Natasza Zurek as well. She shares the same thoughts.

It’s just too bad that ghetto shredder Jeremy Jones doesn’t understand the dangers with global heating. Still in the same issue he and JP Walker sit down and have a talk. Jeremy Jones makes an idiot out of himself but he probably doesn’t care.

7 Responses to “Terje – the worlds best lusekofta”

  1. Cata Says:

    OK, now I’ll have to buy this issue.

    Btw, which Jeremy Jones are you talking about?

  2. Johan Says:

    To us at kink.se there is just one Jeremy Jones. The burton guy. The other Jeremy Jones, who actually seems to be a much nicer person is always just gonna be “the other Jeremy Jones”. Hard to explain why – I mean big mountain riding is way cooler than street/ghetto shredding.

  3. Cata Says:

    True, true…

  4. Tyler Says:

    Terje is good, no doubt, i mean im riding the t6. but Jeremy jones as a ghetto shredder? How big of a snowboard snob are you? have you seen anything that jeremy jones does? hes sick as hell. And he wasn’t talking bout himself either in the interview, he was saying that the only reason JP walker isnt a legend yet is because everyone cant let go of terje. oh and btw if you’re calling Jeremy Jones and JP walker ghetto shredders, watch terjes old stuff. Either way, snowboarding is snowboarding and you’re just being an egotistical ass who probably considers themselves “big mountain rider” because you’re too afraid to go into the park, and you’ve probably never had a real opportunity to hit a 70ft back country booter. 2 different styles of riding, 1 sport. get over your selfs and celebrate the fact that you have the opportunity to snowboard.

  5. Johan Says:

    When I refering To Jeremy J as a ghetto shredder I was trying to: 1. be sort of funny 2. make a point that he apparently have no clue/doesn´t care about the environment and the climate debate as a whole. And that I think is a big problem and it also makes him look like a big jerk. That´s in my book anyway.

    Snowboarding is snowboarding – but unkless we do something about the problems and stop global warming there will be no snowboarding. Even a rich spoiled kid as Jeremy J should understand that.

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