Team Manwhore

The latest range from Team Manwhore is here! Team what? Team Manwhore is a loose collective of former pro snowboarders. They’ve been around since ’91, mostly partying and fixing contests/parties.

Aargh jacket/hoody.

With the coming season they’ve made it big and bring us some cool sweaters and tees. Our favourite is the Aargh. An unholy cross between a peacock coat and a hoody. Thanks to the good peolpe at Item we’ve managed to get our hands on this beauty. For the rest of you – the collection is to drop….soon.

2 Responses to “Team Manwhore”

  1. holly Says:

    hi i saw a sticker that said team manwhore next to a ski lift in st. anton-austria
    is that you ppl??
    o yer and are u connected to team facelift?

  2. Johan Says:

    No, not me personally. But they are a posse of swedish guys who arranges snowboard competitions/happenings and othe rstuff. And of course they make excellent clothes as well!

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