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Flux Bindings is back for 09-10. Some years ago there was a big discussion on the Internet (mostly US sites and blogs) about “how legit” Flux are. Yes they are made by a Japanese comapny and apparently this Japanese company has, or used to have, connections to the car industry. But so what? You have your American brands as well as your European and Asian.

Anyway myself I rate Flux to be the best bindings I´ve tried. The Super Titan is the choice for me. Sure it´s a close call with Union Bindings – especially The Contact. So if you need some new bindings try Flux. I think that Flux is going to be big this year. Especially regarding the all star American team they have.

In Sweden – contact Permafrost for details on how to get your own pair of Flux Bindings.

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  1. Troy Says:

    Johan, You know it. Best bindings in the business. Oh and if anybody thinks it’s lame a Japanese company owns Flux. Well I’ll tell you know you couldn’t ask for a better owner. Japanese got things dialed. I rock the Distortion and Titan RK’s.

  2. Bindings for Printed Products | freearticlesdbonline.com Says:

    […] Flux Bindings 09/10 | KiNK.se […]


    I had purchased a set of Flux bindings last year from The House on-line. I barely road the bindings before the “ratchet clip” on my top, right strap had broken so I cannot tighten them. I was going to purchase a set of Rome bindings from a local shop but I thought I’d give you guys a chance to save a customer. As far as i can tell, it doesn’t seem as easy to repair that piece as it seems to on other brands such as Burton, etc.

    Thank you in advance for your time,


  4. Stephanie Says:

    Maybe you can try ratchet strapping your boots to the snowboard. Just kidding :) http://www.breathopenair.com

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