Review: Union Contact bindings


The Union Contact is a new freestyle orientated binding for 2008 2009.

The feel is a lot like the classic Force bindings. But I would say that the Union is even more comfy. The fit really well. I ride with Lashed from 32 and have no problems with the fit.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Union as well as Burton bindings are a bit smaller. While my Flux Super Titan feels big, roomy and very stable other bindings tend to feel more minimalistic. And that+s nothing bad. I just think that it takes some time to adjust to these differences.

The straps are way comfortable. And I never have any problems with pressure points on my feet. Again – I tend to fasten my Flux so hard that my feet are locked down. But with the Union bindings (both Force and Contact) I can strap in my boots much more loose. And still have a great feel.

I would definitly recommend these bindings to anyone who wants a soft and lightweight binding. They are great for all riding and have a nice price. Frankly I can´t say which ones I prefer – the Flux Super Titans or the Union Contacts. One thing I know is that I don´t like my Burton Cartel. So choosing between the Contact and the Cartel is a easy choice.

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  1. Action Sports Branding Says:

    That is a nice looking binding. I like the extra touch with the material they used on the straps.

  2. Johan Says:

    What do you think is so much better then the cartel?
    I got the cartel from 07/08 and the only bad thing with them was the minimum forward lean issue, but that was easy to fix.

  3. Lew Says:

    great binding all around blast from powder to park. Only down side is the straps. they are really comfy but they loosen as the day goes on. by the end of the day i have them tighten to the last tooth (riding with 32 tm-two). The buckle also gets stuck from time to time in a weird position that can take some patience to get undone. With all that said still the best and most fun binding Ive ever ridden with a price that is unbeatable. and the added cushion under foot comes in real handy on hard landings. I loved my cartels before i got these, I cant even ride my cartels anymore now

  4. Mike Says:

    I also ride with the tm-two, and like Lew, encountered the same issues. This is still the best binding, most durable binding, and most badassed binding I have ever used. No binding is perfect, but for the cost these come closer than anything else. Problems don’t even compare to those I’ve had with BURTON.

    I have broken every pair of BURTON bindings (well, only two, then I moved to other brands, which also broke fairly easily) in the FIRST day of riding. These lasted me 120+ days in the 08/09 season (i teach in CO) with no issues, except shred withdrawal at the moment. If you don’t have problems with burton bindings, then you aren’t riding nearly as hard as you should.

  5. Johan Says:

    My experience is that the straps on Flux bindings actually holds it together a whole day (well more or less since you tend to tighten and loosen the grip a lot). Anyway I think it´s a close call between Flux and Union.

  6. James Says:

    I ride these bindings on a capita horrorscope, with 32 lashed fast track, and its so perfect. I feel the difference with the extruded aluminum, compared to my last bindings which were the burton freestyles. but one time my ankle strap did come off once before i even got to the chairlift, that could have been my own fault though. but all around rad bindings

  7. ED Says:

    I actually just picked me up a set of 10/11 contacts, im pretty pumped to ride them, since everyone seems to love them. Last year i rode burton triads, and they did not hold up, seriously the back is destroyed and im not impressed

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