Burton drops a lof of riders

The list of riders no longer riding for Burton is quite long. Here´s a list of the riders on the global team that Burton now has dropped:
Romain De Marchi
Keir Dillon
Ross Powers
JP Solberg
Anne-Flore Marxer

Transworld Snowboarding has a interview with JP Solberg about no longer ridning för Burton.

Apparently Burton is also shutting down Un-inc. Here´s a good group on Facebook you can join (if you feel like boycotting Burton)…

6 Responses to “Burton drops a lof of riders”

  1. Web CRM Says:

    I love snowboarding

  2. New snowboard company: Yes We Can | KiNK.se Says:

    […] Marchi, and JP Solberg are starting up a new snowboard brand. As we reported earlier they are all dropped by Burton. So far we have no details about this brand. But since there are not too many European snowboard […]

  3. snowboard tracker Says:

    we are looking to sponsor snow boarders for next season 09 / 10 please contact us with your cv and we will see what we can do we are also planning some snowboarding events for 2010 get in touch


  4. KiNK.se Says:

    […] reported some time ago about Burton letting go of several riders, among them Canadian big mountain expert DCP. So far DCP hasn´t been lasy. He´s starting up his […]

  5. jared Says:

    They dropped Heikki Sorsa and Frederik Kalbermatten too! those were my two of my favourite riders!!!

  6. Daniel Says:

    Frederik Kalbermatten is still in the Burton Global Team and appears in the Burton latest movie “B”. The Sorsa case is true.

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