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We mentioned Cooler magazine in a post earlier this month. A few days ago they relaunched their magazine and their website with a new design and some new features, see a preview of it here.

It was a while ago since I actually read Cooler magazine, but I thought it was really fresh then, even if I’m not really their target group. Hopefully the new version is even better.

This is what the folks at Cooler magazine says about the new Cooler.

The content will better reflect the lifestyle of the Cooler reader. We promise to deliver tailored news every day, a comprehensive calendar of events and a full range of features on the sports you love, plus style, health & beauty and travel. Our articles will champion alternative icons, such as pro snowboarders and surfers, credible musicians and eco-heroes, while steering clear of celebrity obsession and the size zero debate.

With a sharper tone, sense of humour and commitment to eco issues, the new Cooler promises to offer something for all independent, style-conscious young women.

If you’re a girl who “ride life” you should definitely check out the new Cooler website and magazine!

Cooler Website

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  3. kodie stoops Says:

    Hey i was just woundering if you guyscould send me a complete board because im too poor to get a deck

    please i want to skater with my friends

  4. Fredrik Says:

    I’m sorry Koodie but we don’t have any decks to give out. We don’t have a store, all we have is this website

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