Stereo wood + vinyl cruisers

Another handy small skateboard

Forum Snowboards teaser

#FORUM Teaser from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.

Holden Outerwear 2012/13

Holden Outerwear

The recent range from Holden is here. As for the last seasons it´s all about down to earth colours and a slimmer fit. For this season the Altitude jacket is our favourite. All tough we must say that Holden has lost some of their touch the last couple of years. Holden used to be on top of things. But these days every outerwear brand have their own version of earthy colours and slim fit. And that look is getting a bit done.

For this year Holden has moved into the streetwear game as well. later this season a spectacular collab with Stussy is to be release…

Zimtstern 2012/13

The new range from Zimtstern is now live! As for the last couple of years it´s all about subtile colours and styles. Yes we like it.

You can always get the latest Zimtstern gear at Blue Tomato.

Palace Skateboards launch web shop

Anytime now. Maybe.

Now Bindings explained

The Now bindings are explained. Or at least given a try. A lot of talk about bushings and other skate related stuff. But I guess if Jeremy Jones likes them they are worth a try. The idea with responding bindings sounds good. My only concern is that they seem to alter your riding experience and tradition a bit too much. But I guess it´s evolution.

PS Webisodes – more splitboarding

P.S….. Check the Weather? from P.S. Webisodes on Vimeo.