Review: Artec Cipher Snowboard

Artec Cipher

Artec Cipher is a true twin freestyle board. Made in Austria.

Snowboard: Artec Cipher 157
Setup: Union Contact bindings, 32 Leashed boots
Conditions: Hard packed snow, some powder.
Camber: Regular

Flex: Soft, really soft
Weight: Light
Size: 157

The Cipher from Artec is a fun board. It´s poppy and responsive. I´m actually surprised at how good it holds it together at higher speed. Even thou the board is both light and soft it´s stable enough for higher speeds. The Cipher is fun in the park, as good for stomping jumps as for safe landing.

After riding boards with magnetraction for the last couple of years, it´s a different feel going back to a more regular and traditional board. Riding groomers can sometimes be a pain. But the Cipher handles icy parts quite good. When it comes to powder conditions the Cipher have some problems. You have to go in to lean back all the way to keep the board up. But then again, this board is more fitted for the park.

The base is really good. It´s not as durable as the unbelievable bases from Signal, but still really good.

You can get your Artec snowboard from Blue Tomato.

There´s Always Next Season trailer

There´s always next season is a documentary about the Norwegian snowboard scene in the mid 90ies. A lot of snowboarding in Tromsö and places like Folgefonna. The documentary tries to explain why Norwegian snowboarding peaked in the late 90ies and then more or less went away. And then made a big comeback for the last couple of years. Young Norwegian riders and brands are hotter than ever.

Community full movie

COMMUNITY (full length movie) from MEGA Creative Media on Vimeo.

A movie that celebrates the joy of riding. In this case it´s all about Stevens Pass, but I guess the same goes for every mountain, resort or rail around the world.

It´s never been this easy to look like a pro snowboarder

Is this the future of blogging?

Andreas Wiig signes with Norröna

After Burton announced that they are shutting down The Program (Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare) Norwegian ripper Andreas Wiig have been looking for a new partner. He used to ride for Forum Snowboards and Foursquare outerwear.

Now it´s official – Andreas Wiig rides for outdoor brand Norröna. Wiig will be rideing wearing the Narvik collection.

For you non-scandinavians and non-europeans: Norröna is a Norwegian hi tech brand. the clothes are expensive but extremely durable and high quality.

Leanne Pelosi – video

Video with Leanne Peolsi, Canadian K2 rider who also rides for Airblaster.

Leanne Pelosi Individual part from P.S… Webisodes on Vimeo.

Eurotic – full length movie!

EUROTIC – THE FULL MOVIE from Lipstick Productions on Vimeo.

I know it tends to get a bit annoying with video-only-posts. But this one is really good. It´s Lipstick Productions who are back with another great movie. It´s worth your time!

And remember to support European snowboarding!