Review Gear 07/08: Holden Oldster jacket

Holden Oldster

When we got our hands on the Holden Outerwear catalogue it was clear: the Holden Oldster was our second favourite jacket from the 07/08 range. Our top jacket was the Paolo down jacket. Now that we have tried the Oldster we must say that it´s a close call. And that´s without even trying the Paolo – since it´s all about the looks…

The Oldster jacket is simple, clean and makes you feel like you play in a indie rock band. It has got a distinct classic feel and looks. As with all Holden gear it´s loaded with practical pockets and technical stuff.

If you remember Holden some four years ago the sizing was a bit weird. Back in the days you needed to go down one size. Now it´s more the other way around. For snowboarding you should go up one size (at least). Thou the jacket might be too fitted for snowboarding it´s excellent for cruising. We´ll probably post an update as soon as we´ve tested the oldster snowboarding. Stay tuned.

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