New Home

We have moved KiNK to brand new servers, this will hopefully only bring good things but if you’re experiencing any problems please comment this post and we’ll look it up.

6 Responses to “New Home”

  1. Yves Ferket Says:

    Hey, not al your images seem to come through. Some of them seem chopped off

  2. Fredrik Says:

    Yves: Thanks for pointing that out. Weird kind of problem, but that should be solved now.

  3. Daniel Says:

    I like the new load times. A lot faster IMO.

  4. Fredrik Says:

    Daniel: Glad you’re experiencing some improvements with the load times!

  5. Daniel Says:

    The date and time seems to be at bit off. Or rather the time…

  6. Fredrik Says:

    Should be fixed now, one hour wrong

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