Naketano – designer streetwear

Naketano is something as fresh and inspiringly vivid as a European streetwear brand.

It´s easy to come to think of Nikita at first sight. But where Nikta always will have one foot steadily in in the tradition of skate/snow/surf-wear Naketano is all about fashion. (Not saying that nikita is not about fashion as well). However – Naketano is so right with the fashion part of streetwear just growing bigger every day.

But who – or maybe rather what – is Naketano?

Naketano is the name of an idea, a certain conception of what it is that defines truly genuine streetfashion design.

The clothes are simple but still really something extra. At first you might think that it´s just a ordinary hoodie, but after a while you see the details. Just the way we like it. Also the range is really good – from sweaters to chill in to those tops you actually can wear at the office.

Overall Naketano has a good graphic approach. And as with all good brands even the ads are really exciting. The only question we have now is when will we see the Naketano guys line?

Naketano web shop

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