The Arctic Challenge 2008

The Arctic challenge was held in late february just outside of Oslo at Holmenkollen arena. Not too surprisingly the favourite Kevin Pearce won, Shayne Pospisil placed second, and Peetu Piiroinen placed third. By winning this contest Kevin Pearce now moves into first place in the TTR rankings, the previous leader Risto Mattila is now in second place.

Best trick – Kevin Pearce with a 7,1 meter high Inverted BS 540 Doublegrab
Highest Air – Peetu Piiroinen with a 7,5 meter high BS Tailgrab

Over at Onboard Digital you can win Kevins Burton set up consisting of a a Vapor snowboard and C60 bidnings.

Win Kevins set up
The Arctic Challenge website
Onboards Arctic challenge article

Check out the video below of the finals

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