Emerica Ridgemont Customs

Woobigong have made some pretty cool custom Emerica Ridgemont shoes using airbrush but also extra denim by the look of it. Below are photos of some of the shoes. Check out the link to the Hypebeast forum where Woobigong posted the photos if you want to see more and bigger photos.

Hypebeast forum

Emerica Ridgemont by Woobigong

Emerica Ridgemont by Woobigong

Emerica Ridgemont by Woobigong

Photos by Woobigong

3 Responses to “Emerica Ridgemont Customs”

  1. chris jehly Says:

    hey those are mine, rad! just for the record, woobigong is my hype beast name. im stoked that you guys posted this. For photos and art look at myspace, my display name is O(._.)O. thanks again!!

  2. Fredrik Says:

    Hi Chris! They look fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  3. Gundeep Says:

    omg!! these are definitely the best shoes i’ve ever seen..whoever made these, im a fan really. And thanx for creating such stuff for ppl who may not be very good in such creativity and inspiring ppl like me to make stuff like this 😀

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