Rocky Skateboards

The result of a collaboration between Boutique Sportif and Martin Kellerman – creator of the comic figure Rocky, is a line of Rocky skateboards. The skateboards will be in stores at the end of april. Perfect if you’re looking for a new board for the summer.

Rocky skateboards

Rocky Skateboards

8 Responses to “Rocky Skateboards”

  1. Andrew Says:

    These skateboardĀ“s are totally awesome, only bad thing about them, is that i personally would not skate with an artwork like that. Instead i would put it straight up on the wall of my livingroom!

  2. nockli Says:

    Nice paint, warped boards.

  3. dina Says:

    skaters rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Skateboards Says:

    The concept was pretty good and unique and totally different from the usual design of skateboards. Another thing, the design really fits for this summer.

  5. koda Says:

    i would like acheap board for myself

  6. Mishu Says:

    Nice ….. But I like my skateboard :P:P:P

  7. matt Says:

    nice i need a new stateboard

  8. Michael Borg Says:

    i am a newcomer though i use to have a skateboard, i think these skateboards are cool. I need a new skateboard as well.

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