Gnu Riders Choice Magne-traction

Best of season 06/07: Gnu Riders Choice Magne-traction

After riding the Burton Custom for the last couple of years (every available length from 155 up to 158) I decided to try something else. And after some incouraging tips and a lot of thinking I finally bought the Gnu Riders Choice Magnetraction 161.5. I must say that I was a bit skeptic in the beginning. Magne-traction – what’s the deal? I mean it just looks really weird…
But after scanning the internet for tips and reviews I began to understand that this must be the shit!

After just one or two days with my new board I realised that I’d probably stick with magne-traction as long as possible. It’s so amazingly good!!

It holds really good on the slopes as well as on more icy parts. It’s light, got a lot of pop and is really stable even at high speed. The only problem I’ve had with my Gnu is that it doesn’t really do well in powder. While riding almost a meter of fresh pow pow in Val Thorens I really had to work hard to make the board turn. In that condition I must say that my Custom 158 from -05 performed better. But otherwise, you can’t really beat my new Gnu!

Gnu Riders Choice


6 Responses to “Gnu Riders Choice Magne-traction”

  1. Kin Says:


    I just purchased the riders choice and was wondering if I should wax the board before I take it out to the Park.. The board sure feels like it really needs a good wax job but not sure if it is made to feel rough due to the 990 tech.

  2. Johan Says:

    I don´t think that you ever need to wax a new board. With my Riders Choice I waited at least 20 days before waxing it. And I only used the simplest cold wax (you just rub it on). A new board seldom is as slippery as you might expexct. And yes, I can agree that the Riders Choice had a sort of rough feeling. But I think it´s good to go!

  3. WAXIT Says:

    Hot Wax it. Factory wax sucks. GNU RC has Sintered Base and Needs a lot of hot wax.

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