Le Parkour in russian

Davinsk-ClanAn eight minute long movie of le Parkour or free running as it’s also called. Some crazy guys that pull of some amazing stunts, truly impressive.

Movie: Dvinsk-Clan Le Parkour

12 Responses to “Le Parkour in russian”

  1. Phil Hollis Says:

    Russian version awful after seeing David Belle.

  2. Marcin Says:

    Zajebiście do tego jeszcze wykurwista muzyczka

  3. Osiris Says:

    Dvinsk-Clan not a russian guys. They are from Latvia. And i like it :)

  4. Carolina Says:

    chlopcy sa dobrzy naprawde dobrzy!!!! pogratulowac:))
    wow!! they’re good!!! really good!!!

  5. Carolina Says:

    …but David Belle is the one!! :))) sorry guys

  6. KiNK.se Says:

    You can see clips with David Belle and other Parkour clips here –> http://www.kink.se/?cat=6

  7. xander Says:

    Hey…Dvinsk are from Latvia(Daugavpils). I know them (Oleg, Joy and Nort)…Their website: http://www.dvinsk.lv

  8. gabriela Says:

    Son los mejores havciendo parkour. Oner es mi idolo ojala lo conociera.Los admiro un monton. Para los mejores rusos de Gabriela….

  9. amerix Says:

    Why are they all speaking Russian in the movie then if they are not the Russians from Latvia??

  10. wes Says:

    These guys do things Belle cant… and vice versa.

  11. Russ Says:

    Phil Hollis Says, David Belle is God of Parkour, but you have not seen Russian Parkour Team “Tracers”. First post in my blog I think you will be surprised.

  12. Toms Says:

    WTF thats not russia it’s Daugavpils – Latvia for crist sakes!!!

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