91 words for snow

91 words for snowThe guys from “Blank paper studios” have now released their film “91 words for snow”. It should be in the latest issues of some of the major snowboard magazines. These guys knows how to really make snowboarding films interesting, with a great soundtrack, nice photography and not the least some great snowboarding.

If you haven’t seen the entire picture you could check out some trailers before you grab a magazine with the entire film.

Trailer no: 1 – Jump
Trailer no: 2 – Time
Trailer no: 3 – Waterworld

Official site of the movie

2 Responses to “91 words for snow”

  1. johan Says:

    sprechen sie deutch? tyska pressure mag ska vara ute i handeln. Rapport från berlin: stans största och bästa sk8affär vägrar dock sälja allt som har med snö att göra och några renodlade snöaffärer hittade jag aldrig

  2. Fredrik Says:

    Whitelines UK har den i sitt senaste nummer.

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