Review: Burton AK Tech Glove

I often wonder why you cant just have one glove that can do it all. But I guess you have to look at gloves more lika you look at socks than jackets. The gloves are going to be wet, stinky and yes – you´re going to need at least two pairs. So after not listened to myself and only used the Burton AK Guide Glove for some three years I finally got myself a new pair of gloves. And the feeling is great. New and fresh.

Since I´m very happy with my old pair and the us dollar is really cheap these days I went for the

Burton AK Tech Glove
on eBay. Great savings by the way.

The gloves are back to basics. Leather palm and light insulation. They get wet way faster than I expected. But used in sub zero conditions they work really well. The problem is just that when it´s warmer in Sweden it usually means it´s really wet and slushy as well. So with wet snow these gloves aren´t really perfect. But used in warmer conditons but fresh snow they are really good. Also the insulation is thick enough to provide some warmth. So if you´re not to chilly these gloves can work even when colder.

The gloves have a good fit, maybe a bit small in the sizes, but I guess that´s regular with Burton.

At the end of the day they are good gloves.

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