Longboarding in NYC

Bustin Boards have made a small video. We like longboarding, but please quit the rolled up jeans and over all hipster look. I guess the European version of longboaring is more focused on transporting or bombing hills. Not as much on tricks like handstand.

2010 Concrete Wave Evolutions DVD – Bustin Boards: Push Culture Longboarding NYC.
Here is the full length Bustin Boards episode from the 2010 Evolutions DVD featuring the full line of boards from Bustin Brooklyn and our NYC family of longboarders. Push Culture Longboarding is about the euphoria of skating in an interactive environment such as a big city, small town or college campus and this mini-documentary sets out to capture that feeling from the riders who live it everyday in New York City. Longboarding in the Big Apple is unlike anything you’ll ever experience and with the ever-expanding network of bike paths it is becoming safer and safer everyday. Follow the Bustin Crew as they skate the city and talk about how they got into longboarding, what its like to longboard in New York City and where they think longboarding is going.

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