Andreas Wiig signs with Forum


Norwegian trick kid Andreas Wiig signs with Forum After 3 years with Nitro he has now left the company. It most be a bit of a shock for Nitro. Especially since they paid Omatic a lot of money to get him those 3 years ago.

The big talk now is if Wiig will leave Vans as well. Usually the Forum team riders goes “all in”. So what´s up next for Nitro? Rumours are suggesting they might try to involve some of the L1 riders. Maybe Nima Jalali?

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  1. rob Says:


  2. romefellinaday Says:

    van is ending its outerwear program after this season so he will most likely do special blend but he will still ride vans boots, similar to eddie wall riding dc boots

  3. Andreas Wiig on Foursquare | Says:

    […] is good news. Andreas Wiig has signed with Foursquare. Remember that he signed with Forum a while ago? Now the transit is more or less done (maybe he´s staying with Vans for the […]

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