Review: Capita Horrorscope FK 09-10


The Capita Horrorscope for next year is apparently about the same as for 08/09. The biggest difference is the number of boards for sale – for 09/10 Horrorscope is a proper release. The horrorscope is very much a board that is good for all slopes. Yes it has the freestyle touch, but it´s still very versatile.

Capita Horrorscope FK 155 – new length
Setup: Union Contact bindings & 32 Leashed boots
Conditions: Slush, soft but grippy snow.

From what I`ve heard the Horrorscope was supposed to be a super flexy kicker. But after riding all season on the Signal Park Rocker every other board feels stiff. So actually I was a bit dissapointed. the Horrorscope is soft, but not that soft and flexy. It actually is very stabile at higher speeds and it never loses an edge. And in my book that´s a good thing for a freestyle board.

What really struck me was the pop. The Horrorscope is so easy to pop around the whole mountain. Also the board is very stabile even with the rocker. Theer´s no problems leaning back and still keep control over the board.

The overall impression is that it´s a fun board. But it´s not as extrem – or extremly funny – as the Park Rocker. but on the other hand it isn´t as good for the whole mountain/all slopes as the Skate Banana. But still – if you´re looking for a fun freestyle snowboard it´s almost a must. The Horrorscopesort works really well as a complement to a more allround board.

Capita Horrorscope 08-09– there´s still no official info about next years release.

6 Responses to “Review: Capita Horrorscope FK 09-10”

  1. M Says:


    I’m glad you mentioned the Park Rocker. I have the option of keeping an unsued Park Rocker or returning it. I also have the Horrorscope, which is unreturnable/used. Would you say that the Park Rocker is still worth keeping, or is the Horrorscope enough of a soft park board? Just wondering if the Park Rocker is so fun that I should keep it anyway, depsite not needing it anymore. Thanks!

  2. DK Says:

    M, Do you live in Sweden? If so, give me your email 😉

  3. M Says:


    Sorry I don’t. I live in the NE of the US. I put my email down in the box, can you see it?

  4. Johan Says:

    Worth keeping. But the boards are quite similar. The park rocker is softer and have more rocker. So if i was you id return/sell the park rocker. Keep your eyes open for the park rocker 09-10.

  5. M Says:

    Thanks for the opinion. I’m leaning that way, the Capita seems pretty well rounded. Are the 09-10 Park Rockers less severe?

  6. fbush Says:

    M, do you still have your Capita horrorscope ? what size is it ? would you sell your horrorscope ? my email

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