No Love for Burton Love

I’ve been trying to understand why Burton made the Love series, but I just can’t understand it. Apparently it’s some collaboration between Playboy and Burton. The graphics on the four different models are of vintage Playboy centerfold girls.

I read an article in the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that Burton Team rider Mikkel Bang is forbidden to compete with the board in some American resorts due to it’s “provoking” graphics. Ok that’s kind of stupid unless the ban is for the bad taste, not the nudity, but I doubt that.

Perhaps the idea was to push the envelope, provoke people and get media to write about it. I just think it feels so outdated and tacky, in a bad kind of way. What were you thinking Burton?

Burton love

7 Responses to “No Love for Burton Love”

  1. Joe Says:

    Its the problem making pro riders to the designers. seems to become a new trend – it starts 2006 with the Head Ski J.O. “designed” by pro-rider Jon Olsson (picturing his girl-friend).

  2. Nate Cuz Says:

    that graphic is way cool compared to your lame banner!

  3. jay Says:

    grow a pair of balls and maybe you’ll figure out why they did it

  4. Jake Burton speaks out on Love graphics | Says:

    […] time ago we did report about the Burton Love snowboards and debate around the graphics. Now Jake Burton and his wife Donna speaks out on the matter. But […]

  5. rob Says:

    since when did naked girls become tacky???????? and they sure as hell arn’t outdated????i dont understand people but i think the graphics are absolute great and the push the envelope of social acceptance if people are going to get all worked up about half naked girls (which have been around forever) then i want to see these same people protesting rap lyrics violent tv, gun graphics and anything promoting violence racism or anything else along those lines…some people just seem they need to pre occupy themselves by complaining about something irrelevant to give them purpose…..its honestly pathetic…

  6. oli Says:

    I love the boards!!! Wasn’t Burton gonna introduce a design-em-yourself option like Fender did for guitars?

  7. dave Says:

    its simple, bitches love boarders

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