Looking for a new board: K2, Lib or Signal?

So I´m looking for a new board. After reading reviews, previews and all other sort of random notes I´ve sort of decided to go for a rocker. Today I ride a Gnu Riders Choice. And I´m soo happy with it.

But now I´m looking for something that is a bit more on the playful side. My Riders Choice is a bit heavy and stiff (161.5). So far I´ve come up with 3 boards to choose between: Lib Tech Skate Banana, K2 Turbo Dream and the Park Rocker from Signal.

Any suggestions? To me it seems like a close call. I want the board to be a bit soft but still stable at high speeds and handle groomers well. Beside that I need it to be easy to handle and toss around. Maybe not so easy to find all in one board.

One problem is that here in Sweden the good boards tend to be sold out once the snow finally comes. And we don´t have that many demo opportunities either. So it´s a bit about buying what you think is good.

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  1. robert Says:

    Very bad for me here as well. I’ve got money burning a hole in my pocket but I try to adhere to a strict rule of never buying anything I haven’t ridden setup with my stance and my bindings. I don’t buy enough boards that I can buy one that won’t get ridden. The only demo opportunities I typically have are small, local companies, and Burton/K2/Ride, etc….

    I’d love to ride a more indie brand, but I just can’t demo them. Omatic? Signal? Etc?

    Is the rocker thing all hype? I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. BigNose Says:

    Hey, I see your concerns and I strongly recommend you to check out the new Burton Hero that also has the V-rocker shape. The board is rated high and won good wood awards 09. The extra strengthed edges at your heels n toes should allow kickass-carvings as well. The best thing with this new board(that Im considering to buy as well) is that you can get it for a good price. In Swedish kronor about 4500. The board supports the EST binding system, which requires you to use burton bindings – but doesnt everybody just love Burton bindings really? Anywho.. funny enough actually Im thinking of buying the Hero or the gnu riders choice. So you say the gnu is a bit heavy ey? What length do you ride?“

  3. Johan Says:

    Thanks for all the tips!
    I´m riding the Gnu Riders Choice 161.5. And since I only weight 79kg (184cm) the board is a bit to stiff for me. But it´s a killer on groomers and it´s very stable. I guess a shorter Riders Choice might be a bit more forgiving. But overall the board is still great!

    Regarding Buron: I have a Custom with Cartels that I ride sometimes, but not to often. I just think that Burton is a bit boring when comparing to other brands :-)

  4. Stuntwood Says:

    Johan, You know you want the Signal! Especially since they may be getting a 58 in a couple weeks on Swedish shores. You can’t help but love that beacon logo. It’s just that fine.

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  6. shredfriend Says:

    No, You definitely want to stick with lib or gnu. They created the rocker and perfected it. Everyone else is just trying to rip off their idea. The Skate banana is amazing, the best part about banana is that you can ride your board shorter and it will hold up in powder as well in park and groomers. Especially now that you can get BTX ( banana with magne-traction) it is the perfect combination. In addition the new riders choices come in banana as well as BTX. CHECK THEM OUT. THEY ARE THE BEST and you CANT GO WRONG!

    best wishes from oregon

  7. Erik Karlsson Says:

    I think you want a Lib Tech Skate banana or Trs. Almost all Libtech boards is posseble to bye with banana or “rocker”. I ride Skate banana and Trs the best bords EVER!!!

  8. Johan Says:

    A short update: I bought the skate banana for my girlfriend. This way I can ride the banana and still buy a second board for myself. A win – win situation :-)

    I´m still thinking about going with the Signal…

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