Rip Curl Hawaiian Horror Shirt SS

Everybody needs to have at least one loud Hawaiian shirt. If you have lost yours at some beach party it’s time to pick up a new one. Why not make it Rip Curl’s “Hawaiian Horror SS Shirt”, it looks good AND has a cool sounding name. It costs 65 € at Blue Tomato’s web shop.

Product page at Rip Curl
Blue Tomato

4 Responses to “Rip Curl Hawaiian Horror Shirt SS”

  1. jim Says:

    I am looking for a specific Hawaiian shirt ( I believe it is hawaiian ), it may be from Miami or other parts of Florida. Anyway I have not seen one in many years , at least ten. It is cream colored or white, and is covered with birds or parrots. The outlines of the birds all run together, so it is hard to tell where one starts and the other ends. I thought it used to be called a Bird of Paradise shirt, but any web search with that phrase show me only the newer bird of paradise Hawaiian styles. Anyone remember that shirt and where I can get one? It always seemed that only the tourists wore it.

  2. Johan Says:

    Tricky. As always ebay might be your best chance. I know there are several dealers (from Hawaii) who specialize in hawaii shirts. Good luck!

  3. Jayjeiken Says:

    Thank you for your resource .. great site !

  4. design your own shirt Says:

    Thankkk for sharing !!

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