Svart Kult Skateboards

“Svart Kult” is the name of a skateboard brand, the name means “Black Cult” in swedish. I’m not sure about the story behind them but the sure makes cool looking skateboards. I like the evil black and white graphics with and old school feeling.

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Svart Kult MySpace page

Svart Kult

3 Responses to “Svart Kult Skateboards”

  1. dan_space Says:

    amazing work!!!!
    ive been skating since 88 and now working on tattoos im always looking for artwork in skates
    in october we’re going to have an exposition of art by tattooist in mallorca for a skateboard shop called devil
    right now im working on a deck for the event

    good look with the decks!!!

    regards from spain

    p.d. maybe in the winter im at lulea or goteborg so maybe we can trade a deck!

  2. bill Says:

    ey uh cud u give me a rob dyrdek sk8board bcuz i always wanna have one of dose sk8boards i live in 4312 n sacramento

  3. Kult | Game Glist Says:

    […] Kult […]

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