Burton Poachers

There’s a protest going on in the North America and Burton is behind it. Four resorts in North America doesn’t allow snowboarding and Burton is supporting “poaching” to liberate these mountains. The resorts are Mad River Glen VT, Deer Valley UT, Alta Ski Area UT and Taos Ski Valley NM.

Burton throws down $5000 for the best documented poaching expierence at each resort. Basically you should film yourself and your crew snowboarding at these resorts and submit it to Burton.

However there are some rules what you shouldn’t do and the first one of the 10 poaching commandments is “Whatever you do, don’t break the law”

I think is pretty stupid with snowboarding prohibition at mountain resorts. Feels like it something that should’ve disappeared long time ago. So more power to the poachers! Check out the poaching videos at the Burton Poachers website.

Burton Poacher

4 Responses to “Burton Poachers”

  1. peter Says:

    That is awesome, I love it. Even though I ski myself it wouldn’t be half as fun without the snowboarders. Just look at the skiers in those clips.. don’t wanna spend all my skiing time with old people in funny hats, right?

  2. Fredrik Says:

    I think skiers rock, there on the hill for the same reason as I am. There’s morons in skiing as well in snowboarding, that’s unavoidable. Then we have stupid people and stupid rules like only allowing skiing on a hill. That sucks!

  3. Andrew Says:

    I board and I think i might make one my self since i live in utah… ill be in alta territory soon enough. But seriously? snowboarding is a pro sport and still isnt allowed at some resorts. Recently though Taos is going to allow boarders sometime during the season! ITS ALREADY WORKING yay

  4. mohawk Says:

    a lot of heat surrounding this contest but i think the basic idea of ending segregation between skiers and snowboarders is pretty damn cool. we are all out there for the same reason right? snow?! anyhow, the company i work for is 50 some skiers and snowboarders and somehow we can manage to work in harmony… we want to encourage this and blur the lines between 2 planks or 1 and are throwing down an additional $5000 to the winners:

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