Billabong 07/08 Men’s Outerwear Collection

Billabong have launched their 07/08 winter collection which can be seen on their website. With the new “Expression Series” you can create your own kind of design. The Tag Jacket comes with a black and white pen and you’re supposed to make it look your own.

Billabong 07/08 Outerwear Collection

The “Signature Series” have the same concept as last season. Risto Mattila, Antti Autti, Wolle Nyvelt, Christophe Schmidt and Marius Otterstad have all collaborated with Billabong and come up with a different style.

Below are three of the five jackets from the signature series. The blue jacket to the left is called “Shomen” and is designed by Wolle Nywelt. The yellow one in the middle called “Sumo 1-2” is designed by Antti Autti and the one to the right is Risto Mattila’s called “the AKA”.

Billabong website

Billabong 0708 Jackets

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  1. HELP Denis Says:


    I need your help . I´m searching for days these beach shorts :

    Can somebody say to me where i can buy this one?

  2. Billabong Clothing Says:

    Try going to I’m just not sure if they still have that available.

  3. JC Says:

    Hi, i need the snow jacket blue

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