Even slower

I know I’ve been awful on updating lately. I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t had that urge to update it. I’m not quite sure what the future will hold for KiNK, any suggestions? Would anybody be sad if it just closed down? Is anybody interested in writing?

6 Responses to “Even slower”

  1. Iluvitar Says:

    Don’t stop. This is one of the sites I rely on for my periodic snowboard related urges of information. There’s so very few blogs out there blogging about snowboard related happenings that each and every one of them counts.

  2. tjompa Says:

    Stop? Oh, crayzy man. You are my pipeline to the world of snobording… … you can´t stop blogging!

  3. ANDREW Says:

    Don’t stop believing my kinke friend….If you need help contributing, just say the word! I am from washington though…

  4. Cata Says:

    We need KINK. Do not dare to stop, the world as we know it won’t be the same without kink.

  5. roninsnowboards.com Says:

    What? No way sir!!!!! You guys were amongst those who inspired us to do our own thing!! And that makes you a role-model. So you cant just quit like that! Besides, season starts soon and I’m sure that if you’ll drop it now, you’ll miss it in no time. So stay positive and all the best from poland

  6. sickr Says:

    No way dude I love your snippets of extreme sports information.

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