REEF Mixedtape – Bobby Volume 1

Since it’s summer and all I thought I should give a more season suitable trailer. “Bobby volume 1” is a surf film following Bobby Martinez. The films out in stores now so if you like surf, you should check it out.

This highly anticipated movie is a âtell all’ story of 2006 ASP Rookie of the Year, Bobby Martinez. Reef team riders Rob Machado, Mick Fanning, Ben Bourgeois, Brad Gerlach, Tonino Benson and many more incredible athletes are also featured surfing the biggest contest heats and freesurfing in exotic surf locations around the world.

“This is not your standard surf movie. Insane footage is taken to the next level with cutting edge graphics, editing and audio,” says Director, Pete Santa Maria. “This movie really shows how well rounded of a surfer Bobby is by taking viewers beyond his contest surfing.”

REEF Mixedtape website

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