Customize Your Own Goggles With Oakley

Oakley is the latest of companies where you can customize your own gear. Right now they mostly seem to have sunglasses but they also have their A-frame which you can customize and buy at their website. You can pick colors of the frame, lens and strap. You can also etch a personal text on the lens. Your choices seems kind of limited so far but hopefully Oakley will give you more alternatives in the future. The googles below costs $120.

Oakley custom


4 Responses to “Customize Your Own Goggles With Oakley”

  1. wes Says:

    those goggles suck

  2. wes Says:

    you herd me those suck

  3. cv Says:

    dont really like them either. i like dragons better… sorry oakley. but damnn i like your stewart MX goggles!!!

  4. Brett Connor - Oakley Goggles Fan Says:

    I disagree. Oakley goggles are the best.

    It’s good to see that they’ve branched out with specific brand focus for women with the Oakley Stockholm goggles range – not good women shredding the slopes and having to adopt the same style equipment as their male counter parts.

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