Roxy i-P22 Portable Speakers

Great iPod-speakers that comes with a Roxy-designed case. Apparently it was a nominee for best accessory product at the SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) awards.

Roxy iPod speakers

Use the AC adapter or go mobile with some ordinary batteries. Anyway it’s a winner. Although it might be a bigger hit amongst the girls than the boys

Roxy iPod speakers
Roxy i-P 22 at the Apple store (US only)

4 Responses to “Roxy i-P22 Portable Speakers”

  1. tjompa Says:

    This is a nice one… maybe something for the summer. Thanks.

  2. Gadget Girl Says:

    Definitely one for the girls but could someone tell me about the sound quality please.

  3. chuck Says:

    how can i but this roxy item?

  4. John Says:

    How do I purchase this? And what is the cost?

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