Pukas Surfboards 07

It’s not spankin’ new, but the Pukas website for 07 looks extremly good. Maybe it will give you some summer feeling?

Pukas is a spanish company who have been producing surfboards for over 40 years. If you go surfing in Portugal, Spain or even France you’ll see the Pukas label on loads of surfboards. In San Sebastian they even have two stores and a surf school.

The typical Pukas surfer is probably quite “rad” and really good. The surfboards you’re most likely too see in the water are from 5.9 to maybe 6.3. Nothing for beginners.
Pukas - the ads
Also Pukas is the european surf company with best graphics. From the logo (almost as iconic as the Supreme logo) to the tees and the attitude. As Pukas used to say some years ago – european surfing is boomin!
This year the site is avaivable in english as well!

Pukas Surfboards

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  1. KiNK.se » Pukas X Vans slip on Says:

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  2. Thiago Cunha Says:

    Hi…..I’m Thiago Cunha (TC) shaper at TBC surfboards from Brasil.
    Mabe can’t you know about me, but I know about Pukas. I’m shaping for Diana Cristina, Wiggolly Dantas, AndrĂ© Silva and another pro surfers from Brasil. Pablo Paulino was world champion pro-jr in 2005 and 2008, used my surfboards. I pick he up, when he was a very younger, and during ten years I help him, in his journey to the top.
    I’m travelling to Europe in August, and would like visit you, and change the experience. I’m working in a surfboards factory during 20 years and made more then 10.000 shapes, would love shape some boards too.
    This is my first contact, and wait your replay……and sorry my English, I’m studyng every wednesday.
    Congratulations for your work.
    Un Abrazo……

  3. kechik Says:

    hi there Thiago Cunha.. im from singapore and i got a few questions to ask you, cos i jus bought a 2nd hand tbc surfboard from bali last week.. damn nice bro your board!! great job.. !! is all tbc are hand shaped..? and i kinda wondering whose is Juliana written on the board just below your name..is she a pro surfer? n would like to thanks again for the great board…rock on..!!

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