Nixon watches

I’m thinking of getting myself a new watch and I think that Nixon probably have the best looking watches out there.

I like The Player and I saw now that they’ve made a luxury model of it called The Ceramic Player, it so fresh, all white ceramic body and even a genuine ruby.

The downside is that it costs almost 1500 euros. The regular Player costs about 110 euros which is more in my price range.

Nixon Ceramic Player

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  1. Vinci Says:

    yh, i got a nixon watch a while ago – the duke. these watches r the shit :)


  2. Fubiz Says:

    Beautiful! I like nixon!

  3. Martin Says:

    Nixon do like to stand out with their watches. They even have a model called the dictator where you can record a message on it.

  4. Nixon Watch Dealer Says:

    This is Nixon’s most elite watch to date!

  5. Elin Says:

    I just bought this watch! the white one!
    I am from norway, and I and my family went to New York. In Norway we dont have euro, we have norwegian kroner. And when i shall buy something i have to , multiplize the price with 5 (the us dollar) after the guy in the shop told me that the watch’s price was 1300 dollars, I thought that that ment about 130 dollar (in Norwegian kroner). i said: I’ll have it! and everybody in the shop just: wow! good job! very god! and so on, and my mom thought it costed about 130 dollars, as me, and whem she saw the price, she just: how much??! the man said 1300 dollars. then i realized that i forgot one “0” on the norwegian price! me and my mom just: OMG! What are we doing now? everybody just locked at us XD and then we agreed that she shoud buy it and I¨ll get it as a early birthday present and pay about 200 dollars by my self. OMG! what a experiene! :) right now, i¨m wearing the watch:D

  6. Fredrik Says:

    Cool story Elin, and good for you for having the ceramic player. I’m a bit jealous I have to admit.

  7. Elin Says:

    my watch is now broken…:( but i can use it:)
    and in norway it costs about 300-400dollars to fix it, but I and my dad will try to fix it 😉

    (im not very god in english..) :)

  8. Fredrik Says:

    Elin, oh no!

    What did you do to it?

    Hope you’ll be able to fix it!

  9. Elin Says:

    I don’t know! =O
    But i can still use it:)

  10. Fredrik Says:

    But does it still work as it should?

    How busted is it?

  11. Elin Says:

    yes, the watch itself still works like it should, but there’s a part on the “bracelet” that’s broke off :(

  12. Fredrik Says:

    Elin, that’s sad. How visible is the damage? Do you have any photos of it posted of it online or something?

    Unbelievable that it should cost 300-400 dollars to fix

  13. Elin Says:

    No, I haven’t taken any photo of it.
    But it’s just a small piece of it that is broke off, along the outer side of the brace… do you know where i can upload a photo for you to watch?:)

    It’s so expencive to fix because i have to send it to the other end of my country, and also because the “brace” is cheramic… :/

  14. Fredrik Says:

    I sent you an email to the hotmail address you entered here. Hope that’s okay with you

  15. Elin Says:

    Sure, ill have a look at it when i get off this network that blocks

  16. Fredrik Says:

    That sounds like a terrible network, is it your work that think it’s unsecure or something like that?

    Anyway you have my address in your inbox :)

  17. Elin Says:

    Yeah, im at school atm. And they block most things they think is unsecure.

    Ill have a look at it later! Thanks.

  18. david Says:

    where i buy a nixon rotolog LTD?
    i am very interesting.
    contact with me in:

  19. Keyes Says:


    I’m pretty positive that this is for everyone, but whenever I had any problems what-so-ever with my Player watch, I just sent it backed to them and told them what was wrong and they fixed it no problems. And since you did drop $1300 on the thing, they wouldn’t have as strong a customer base as they do if they didn’t help you out. There should have been a number or a site on the paper that you can find inside the stand that comes with the watch. Took me some time to find it but it should be in the base of it. Hope that helps. But get that baby fixed before its too late.

  20. marcus Says:

    I purchased 6 Nixon watches and love them all. Then one broke and I got NO customer service from Nixon. After I told them what was wrong they sent me back a form email. After that they ignored my e-mails. I talked to the “service department” and got told this is just the way it is. So I have a broken watch less than a year old and will never buy another one no matter how cool they look. Nixon only cares about it’s bottom line, not you.

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