Salomon Snowboards Artwork Contest

This is the 4th annual artwork contest from Salomon. If you’re one of the creative souls out there, submit an artwork of your own and be apart of the contest.

The top three design might be used for their in-line products. Each of the three top designs will be rewarded with 1500€. Two other designs based on their originality will receive 500€ and a Salomon snowboard each.

Salomon Snowboards Artwork Contest


2 Responses to “Salomon Snowboards Artwork Contest”

  1. Vinci Says:

    sounds pretty interesting

    well, – check this out. this guy created it for the contest. maybe a winning design, i believe so …

    cheers folks

  2. Fredrik Says:

    That one looks great, I wouldn’t mind having that design on my board.

    We’ll have to see what everyone else can come up with.

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