ThirtyTwo Lashed

Best of season 06/07: ThirtyTwo Lashed

After complaining about my boots, Burton Hail, for nearly three years I finally made the right move and bought a new pair. My main problem with the Hail was that they somehow managed to expand at least a whole size. I guess I should’ve bought smaller ones. But apparently this is a wellknown problem with Burton boots (anyway that’s what the guy at my local board store told me). So anyway, after trying some other Burton models as well as other brands I bought the Thirty Two Lashed.

The boots have a nice and snug fit. They are really easy to lace up and have a good heel grip. Good support all the way. The big difference from the Hail I guess is the padding. The Hail have some sort of Air while the Lashed is just a plain boot. Still the dampening is good. A good solid and quite simple boot. Sort of back to the basics.

Thirty Two Lashed

ThirtyTwo lashed

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