Songs to snowboard to

Do you need inspiration what to put on your iPod while you’re snowboarding? At the forum they have a loong list of music that people prefer to listen to.

The list of songs



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  1. Sickr Says:

    Wow another good find.

    Glad to see the people on those forums have a fairly good music taste.

    I’d have to say Pennywise are my favourite band to ride to.

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    I thought were a bunch of good music there but I like most music so that wasn’t too unexpected. Punk rock is the best when you’re pushing yourself and going fast, the faster and angrier the music is the better.

  3. Fredrik (NORGE) Says:

    Here is some good skiing/snowboard tunes:

    The Outline – Shotgun
    Army of the Pharaoes – Seven
    Army of the Pharaoes – dump the clip
    Blur – Song 2
    Skee Low – I wish I was a baller
    Block Party – Flux
    The Hives – No Pund Intended
    Linkin Park – Faint
    The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
    The Hives – Thick Thick Boom
    Jurassic 5 – Red Hot

    And many more…

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  5. annA* Says:

    Guano Apes – Lords of the boards

    really nice song to snowboard to…

  6. Steph Says:

    Unexpectedly I like “Day n Nite” by Kid Cudi
    cause its just chill haha :]

  7. Fred Says:

    Artists: rjd2 (smoke & Mirror, The Horror) or ratatat(Wildcat,shempi) it’s relly nice to ride or maybe shawn lee ping pong(kiss the sky and 26)

  8. chris Says:

    mmm silversun pickups
    modest mouse
    the bravery
    bit of afi
    thow in a lil gorrilaz
    mix it round with a lil bliss n eso
    then shake a bit of biggie or something steezy on top

  9. JEFF Says:


  10. blake Says:

    Im not sure if any of you have ever been snowboarding besides jeffs all of these songs make me want to cut myself

  11. Johannes Says:

    AGREEE with blake.. its chill to ride snowboard 😀

  12. chopism Says:

    its a stupid topic anyway everybodys idea of whats good to ride to is different and knowbody is right or wrong. i have been sliden for a long time and in that time i have also cut records at a lot of snowboard comps and i have found that as long as funky with a phat ass beat crew love it

  13. BReTT Says:

    Yeah, most of those songs will probably mess you up when your in the air and all you hear is a big scream :)

  14. Sarah Says:

    The best songs for snowboarding
    are the songs where used in the Isenseven trailers ;D

    Mount Sims – How we do
    Middleman – Good to be back
    The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
    Faded Paper Figures- North By North
    Frittenbude – Mindestens in 1000 Jahren (it’s a german song 😛 )
    Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love
    Sunshine – Top! Top! The Radio!

    But there are much more… ;D

  15. Fl0w Says:


    are these the songs of the videos by isenseven? 😉

    1. Goldfinger – Superman
    2. Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy
    3. Incubus – Certain Shade of Green
    4. Less Than Jake – Scott Farcas Takes it on the Chin
    5. Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
    6. Mest – Cadillac
    7. Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive
    8. Millencolin – Penguins and Polarbears
    9. Finger Eleven – Above
    10. Less Than Jake – All My Friends Are Metalheads
    11. Mxpx – Southbound
    12. Newfound Glory – Dressed to Kill
    13. Silverchair – Madman
    14. The Ataris – San Dimas Highschool Football Rules
    15. Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
    16. Alice in Videoland – Numb
    17. Tilly and the Wall – Beat Control
    18. The Dirty Secrets – Five Feet Of Snow? (Miami Horror Remix)
    19. Middleman – Good to be back
    20. id & Sancy – m.u.s.i.c(symbol one remix)
    21. Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Peppa & Spindarella
    22. Kyle Andrews – Sushi
    23. Sunshine – Top!Top!The radio!
    24. The Shins – Split Needles
    25. Timid Tiger – Tiger is not a Bird
    26. Breaking Benjamin – Diary of Jane
    27. Panic! at the Disco – Time to Dance
    28. Guano Apes – Lords of the Boards
    29. Blur – Song 2
    30. Linkin Park – Faint
    31. Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love

    thats my list for my next snowboard holidays!

  16. Sarah Says:

    yes (:
    I only had a few, thank you so much (:

  17. Adam** Says:

    Junior Boys- Count Souvenirs
    Dire Straits- Money for Nothing
    Grass Roots- Wait a million years
    Miko Mission- How old are you
    Dallas Superstars- Fast Driving

  18. Alyson Says:

    The Nosebleed Section by Hilltop Hoods. Awesome song to board to. haha :)

  19. Alyson Says:

    The Nosebleed Section by Hilltop Hoods. Awesome song to board to. haha :)
    MGMT and Incubus are excellent bands too.

  20. haley Says:

    MGMT and The Shins!

  21. Colin Says:

    i like snowboarding to happy music, music that i can flow to. but i also like a couple of harder songs. this is one of the best snowboarding playlists u can get. this is for all the locals. fuck gapers!
    Mount sims – how we do
    lifeseeker – gone guru
    andre nickatina – ayo for yayo, yeah
    Three six mafia – where is the bud
    omc – how bizzare
    jurrasic five – whats golden
    ratatat – 17 years
    kid cudi – persuit of happiness
    people under the stairs – acid raindrops
    mgmt – time to pretend, kids
    grieves – i ate your soul
    maroon – AMBUSH
    ugly duckling – slow the flow

  22. Bean Says:

    The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony
    Attack Attack!- Stick Stickly
    Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem- Forever
    Jet- Take it or Leave it
    Kings of Leon- Closer
    Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
    Lil’ Wayne- Money to Blow
    Peaches- Fuck the Pain Away
    Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can’t Stop
    Shiny Toy Guns- Don’t Cry Out
    Longwave- Wake Me When It’s Over
    Eve 6- Anytime
    Benny Benassi- Satisfaction
    MGMT- Kids
    Beck- Beercan
    A Day to Remember- Homesick

  23. jo Says:

    pantara – walk
    daft punk -1 more time funkdoobiest

  24. kids skate shoes Says:

    I never commented before but i just had to now. good site.

  25. Dani Says:

    It does depend on the type of tricks or skiing/boarding etc, but a few GREAT songs to ride to are:
    Mindless Self Indulgence- Stupid MF,
    Family Force 5- Luv Addict,
    Any Santogold,
    Damien Marley- All night.

  26. Ryan Says:

    1.Mama told me- Wale
    2.Cant Tell me nothin’-Kanye West
    4.Always Strapped-Birdman
    5.That new new- Kid Cudi
    6.One Way Trip- lil wayne (ft. Kevin Rudolf)
    7.Time to Pretend-MGMT
    9.Drop the World-lil wayne
    10.Wheres Wanye-young money
    11.One Day- Matisyahu
    12.Fireflies- Owl City
    13.Kids- MGMT
    14.Persuit of Happiness- Kid cudi
    15.Thunder- Matisyahu
    16.Kobe Bryant- Lil Wayne
    17.Shades- Wale
    18. We Will Walk- Matisyahu
    19.Electric Feel- MGMT
    20.Yoga Flame- Lupe Fiasco
    21.Every Girl- Young Money
    22.Popular Demand- Clipse
    23.Party In the USA- Lil Wayne (REMIX)
    24.YOUTH- Matisyahu

  27. jimmi Says:

    check out SNAK THE RIPPER straight out of canada bringing fire. crazy voice. sick style. perfect beats for riding

  28. fu Says:

    you guys are all retarted

  29. Roux Says:

    Best song for me are

    Hey champ! – cold dust girl
    Zion I – Ride
    Lost Boyz : Keep Ridding
    Eight Dayz – what so strange about me
    The Game – How we do
    Tupac – you can’t see me
    Crystal castle – all song almost
    80kidz – all song
    Pretty lights – all song
    empire of the sun – walking on a dream

    and lot more . . ..

  30. Logan Says:

    Block Party – Banquet

  31. Tyler Says:

    y’all know who- the roots
    15 step- radiohead
    memphis & 53rd- minus the bear
    helicopter- bloc party

  32. Sam Says:

    Ronald Jenkees – Stay Crunchy,

    discovered this song about a week ago, can’t wait to board to it once the season starts

  33. Robert Says:

    Mount Sims – How we do
    Usher – Yeah
    Kesha – Tik Tok
    Fort Minor – Remember the Name
    The Faint – Paranoiattack
    Disturbed – Down with the sickness
    Disturbed – Conflict
    Rise Against – Worth Dying For
    LMFAO – Yes
    Kardinal Offishall – Body bounce – Dangerous
    Akon – Beautiful
    Ozzy Osborn – Crazy Train

    Thats my playlist woot woot! Lol hope you can shred to it like I can

  34. Bl1nk Says:

    ACDC songs work pretty good too.
    Shoot to thrill
    highway to hell
    and a lot more…

  35. James Says:

    Honestly, watch a few snowboarding videos. They all have good music in them that you wouldn’t usually expect. Forum’s F’ It has a solid playlist for starters.

  36. Mark Says:

    Haha Some one actually put owl city! wow buddy u must have love the rainbow rails and are probably a huge fan of the lip slides…..
    Small Talk- Faded Papers
    BLACK RIVER KILLER (get it)- Blitzen trapper
    I Need A dollar- aloe black
    Galvanize – Chemical brothers
    Daylight – Matt and Kim ( Haldors part)
    Smile – Slim Thug (
    Duck season – DJ baboo
    Spaz out – Army of Pharaohs
    Dont feel right – The Roots
    Coastin – Zion l & K. Flay
    Party and Bullshit – Ratat and N B.I.G

  37. carl Says:

    sackcloth fashion – under man (instrumental)—– awesome
    beastie boys – so whatcha want
    beastie boys – 5 boroughs
    any slightly stoopid
    and wu-tang
    scary kids scaring kids- notorious thugs

  38. Erik Says:

    Just google the song list from the very first tony hawk’s pro skater, the list from the 3 Skate games, the list from Shawn White Snowboarding, as well as these tracks
    Passion Pit-Sleepyhead
    Grits- My Life Be Like (Oooh Ahhh)

  39. Mountain Girl Says:

    -hot like sauce
    -after midnight/midnight rider remix
    -finally moving
    -all pretty lights in general is sick to ride to

    -immortal technique, i’d recommend the album Revolutionary v2
    -jedi mind tricks – visions of gandhi album
    -aesop rock – no city, coffee, daylight, pigs, none shall pass
    -wu-tang clan meets indie culture- preservation, think differently, versus, give it up
    -saul williams -twice the first time
    -nas -illmatic
    -gza – liquid swords

    also – some electronic music
    Disco Biscuits
    Sound Tribe
    MT Eden

    & Of course, I will be riding to my favorite Grateful Dead live jams from 1977-1979 all day err day

    & in response to someone above, yeah this topic is completely subjective because its music and people have different tastes, but i’m sure i’m not the only person who is interested in collecting more good riding tunes:) thanks everybody

  40. tokeythabear Says:

    imma just list artist i smash too, you can find songs u like…
    tech n9ne
    cali swag distric
    kid ink
    theory of a deadman
    jaya the cat
    wiz khalifa
    ANDRE NICKATINA goood one
    mac dre
    big sean
    scars on broadway
    yo gotti
    many more just some good tunes there

  41. The Snowboarda Says:

    The best snowboard song ever is

    The Signal by BertycoX

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