OSIM uSurf

We’ve all seen a bunch of hilarious exercise equipment and here’s another one. The OSIM uSurf is a mechanical surfboard which supposedly is going to give you a rock hard surfer body. So basically by standing on this piece of equipment costing $500 you get the same exercise as actually surfing, yeah right.

Product page

OSIM uSurf

[via OhGizmo!] Thanks for the tip Tjompa

3 Responses to “OSIM uSurf”

  1. tjompa Says:

    Oh, and there he goes. No tip-thank, no think-tank no nothing. The youth of today. My good! Fudge this, now I will go over to my brad new uSurf and burn some friday-pizza-calories…

  2. umstbjking Says:

    osim usurf is a joke. 500 bucks for this? yeah right…

  3. No more osim Says:

    It looks good but with since it;s OSIM, I am sure it is like other OSIM products.
    1. UZAP. didn’t help to loose weight 7 caused me back paim.
    2. I-care – hard to use because it is hard to see the button with the mask over the eyes.
    3. I-gallop. HK news documented that it can cause spin damage.

    Don’t buy OSIM!

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