Top 10 Women’s Snowboards 2007

The editors at About Snowboarding have created a list of the ten best snowboards for women according to them. The top three picks are Arbor Push, Burton Feelgood and Gnu B-Pro with Magne-traction, shown below from left to right. Head over to AS and see the entire list and read the reviews for each board.

Check out the entire list at About Snowboarding

16 Responses to “Top 10 Women’s Snowboards 2007”

  1. » Top 10 Men’s Snowboards 2007 Says:

    […] « Top 10 Women’s Snowboards 2007 […]

  2. meeee Says:

    i hate those boards

  3. gabby Says:

    the boards are wikid
    sister has oen of these
    xx catch bra

  4. KAylA Says:

    omg i like all of em but the first
    it’s kinda ugly but
    the other two are sexy!!

    im lookin into gettin the middle one

    it is way hot!!

    -kaYLa- =] [=

  5. AnnIE Says:

    Wow! I like the top of the first board, it’s like bamboo. Totaly shreddin. But i agree with KAylA that the front is ugly! Too plain. The second is too colorfull for me and the 3rd is too much livin in Hawii. Not much u can do there with a snowboard!

  6. amberfaye Says:

    pretty darn sweet,
    im really down with the second one…
    trippy shit :)

  7. ashkan Says:

    new snowbords tanks

  8. bubbaloo jr Says:

    this is bullshit all the boards are down with it foshizzle my nizzle.

  9. Reef Says:

    Beautiful? This? IIEEWWK!
    Check this: Trinity (model 2006); Fanatic – Dazed; Roxy – Silhouette (Butterfly); LTD Muse; Ride society; Ride Rapture… blablabla…

  10. chEls Says:

    i have the second one its the shit! :) nothin better

  11. kizzie Says:

    i am likin the stills they r cool i like the orange 1 with the flower on it is well nice and my friend like it to

  12. Britt Says:

    i LOVE the third one! <3 lol its fantastic!

  13. tiana Says:

    rad very rad i love the 4th one

  14. reef tanks Says:

    Thanks for this great guide!

  15. womens dc shoes Says:

    Thanks, this has been very helpful.

  16. Marina Teter Says:

    What is the name of the second one?

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