Jamie Pierre world record cliff drop video

Here’s a video clip with the world record cliff drop Jamie Pierre did in march. 255 feet (78m) gives you pretty long time to think when you’re falling. In the video Jamie talks about what went trough his head during the preparation, the jump and what he felt afterwards. That jump is just insane.

Update: The first video was pulled off Youtube by some reason, I’ve replaced it with two other clips. One with only the jump and one with an interview.

5 Responses to “Jamie Pierre world record cliff drop video”

  1. peter Says:

    I read about the last year but never saw this clip. That is crazy. He’s not even wearing a helmet?

    Besides, since he landed on his head the drop shouldn’t really count….

  2. Fredrik at KiNK.se Says:

    The landing wasn’t perfect but hey, he still dropped the 255 feet. I can’t believe he didn’t hurt himself.

  3. Tom Büttner (Germany) Says:

    I never saw so a crazy typ befor this one here. It’s unbelieveable. I Can not believe that he’s jumping from 255 feet without wearing a helmet. Really crazy!

  4. BYRD Says:

    Thats how Pierra lands his huge clif drops is on his back!! So he can pop up and ski right out of it!

  5. Justin Frandrup Says:

    Good work Jamie!! I am proud to know you.

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