Snowboard movies soundtracks

Ever wonder what “that” sound is in “that” snowboard movie? I know I have. Here’s a nice site where a bunch of snowboarding and ski films are listed with their songs. It not the best looking site in the world and it’s not complete but it’s something.

Snow soundtracks

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  1. Sickr Says:

    Excellent hats off for finding this.

    I’ve been looking to find out some of the tunes which have been featured on particular snowboard soundtracks for a while.

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    Hopefully this link helped you then Sickr

  3. joao Says:

    very nice but i’ve been searching for a song i dont even remeber in wich movie it was.. it was something like “send me a postcard from japan..” 😛

  4. nikki Says:

    does anybody know the song that is in the first scene in Optimistic? the snowboard movie about global warming

  5. fritz Says:

    the song at the start is “wolf like me” by “tv on the radio” happy too help

  6. Jesse Says:

    Found this myself the other day: for snowboard music

    …and have been using this one for a while now:

    I think those are both a little easier to use then the other one you have listed but they all make finding that ‘one specific song’ easier to find.

  7. emily Says:

    heyyy guys does anyone know the snowboard movie ‘workplay’ by ‘naptime’??? i really want the songs from that but cnt find them? if u no where they BIGHELP!! thanks ;p

  8. jake Says:

    The opening song in Optimistic? is “One of these days” by Pink Floyd.

  9. jake Says:

    The opening song in Optimistic? is “One of these days” by Pink Floyd. Sorry I was Thinking of More. The opening song in Optimistic? is “Rusted Wheel by Silversun Pickups. Go to for the best lists of snowboard movie soundtracks, it’s a good website.

  10. Sarah Says:

    The best songs for snowboarding
    are the songs where used in the Isenseven trailers ;D

    Mount Sims – How we do
    Middleman – Good to be back
    The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
    Faded Paper Figures- North By North
    Frittenbude – Mindestens in 1000 Jahren (it’s a german song 😛 )
    Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love
    Sunshine – Top! Top! The Radio!

  11. kayf Says:

    take a look at

  12. Stu Says:

    Could someone PLEASE tell me the name of a snowboard video from the mid 90s. It featured No Use For A Name doing a cover of “Redemption Song”. It also had “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways. There was also a scene from, I think, Snow Summit ’95 which has Porno For Pyros doing “Mountain Song” during a huge snowball fight. Thanks for any info.

  13. Calla Says:

    i was just watching Think Thank Cool Story and i can’t find any of their songs online. could someone please help me out??? thanx tons.

  14. mcflei Says:

    hey calla,

    here just only a song out of the trailer:

    did you’ve find some more?

  15. Max Says:

    A Great Site to find nearly every Soundtrack of Snowboard, Ski, mtb, BMX, motox, Skate and wakeboardmovies is
    More then 250 complete snowboardsoundtracks with Trailer, Rider and Links, where you get the Tracks. Absolutly Great.

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