Buy Elissa’s boobies and Bam’s ass

Elissa Steamer and a lot of other girls have made casts of there breasts and have had the cast painted by an friend. The casts is being auctioned off on eBay to raise money for breast cancer research. Beside from the casts of breasts there is one cast of Bam Margera’s ass.

All casts on eBay
Elissa’s cast
Bam’s cast
Keep A Breast website

Elissa's cast

2 Responses to “Buy Elissa’s boobies and Bam’s ass”

  1. johan Says:

    Cool, something like a who´s who of modern (street)art. From skaters like Lance Mountain to the Lakai art dump and Mr. Obey himself. If you llike this you should check out the book / exhibition “Beautiful Losers”.

    Probably these casts are gonna be really expensive.

  2. Sickr Says:

    Yes it’s for a good cause, but nevertheless how strange :O

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