For right or wrong

“For right or wrong” is a documentary style snowboarding movie from Burton. You get to see how it is to snowboard as a job by following riders both on and off the hill. Riders such as Shaun White, Kelly Clark, Jeremy Jones and many others.

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For right or wrong

3 Responses to “For right or wrong”

  1. johan Says:

    From what I have seen in movies like 91 words for snow and DC mtn Lab snowboarding isn+t really as hard as your typical 9-6 work.

    Some years ago I saw an interview with Eric Koston. He went to Girl HQ and just packed a trolly with assorted goodies, jeans, tees, boards, trucks – you name it.

    So I guess the best sponsorship is with big companys that has it all – for example Burton. Maybe not as cool as other brands but hey – you get lots of free stuff!

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    I wouldn’t mind being sponsored either, definitely wouldn’t mind if it was by Burton. As long as you get to ride and get free stuff, that’s what it’s all about 😉

  3. » Free download of “For Right Or Wrong” Says:

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