Rob & Big – new tv series

“Rob & Big” is an upcoming tv-show about professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. Big Black were first hired for “The DC video” to protect Rob from security guards. The odd couple got along great and became best friends. Now they have their own series that will premier november 2nd on MTV and it will probably be just as funny as it seems. Check out the trailer and the other clips below.

MTV – Rob & Big

Rob & Big trailer

Rob & Big’s part from “The DC Video”

Ask a bodyguard: Big Black

3 Responses to “Rob & Big – new tv series”

  1. johan Says:

    This just seems to be way to stupid. but probably quite fun!

    The parts with Big Black in the DC Skate Video is really…odd. Somehow he (big Black) also managed to make some sort of apperance in the DC mtn Lab snowboarding video.

  2. peter Says:

    Haha that is pretty funny. Big black is insane in that last intreview. Directed or not that is crazy.

    I’m gonna check the show out, thanks for the tip. This must be even better then “Meet the Barkers” (which is not really that good anyway).

  3. Fredrik at Says:

    Big is pretty much a DC “team member” as I understand it (well not quite but a DC celebrity at least), got his face on som DC-clothes too.

    I think it could be quite funny, and yeah it probably will be pretty stupid.

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