The Hyanide – Mutant motorcycle

The hyanide is an all terrain mutant motorcycle with a rubber tread instead of wheels. The idea of the tank like tread is that as long as any part of it have ground contact the Hyanide should be able to move. When steering you use both your hands and your feet, pushing the handle bar forward and pushing the pedal backwards on the same side makes the tread curve and the turn becomes really tight.

Unfortunately this motorcycle is so far only a concept design made by two germans, Oliver Keller and Tilmann Schlootz, for the “Michelin Challenge Design 2006”.

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2 Responses to “The Hyanide – Mutant motorcycle”

  1. Sickr Says:

    Wow that thing looks so fucking hardcore!

    I’d love to take one of those things out for a spin, but i’d imagine it would end up being a short ride lol.

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    Yeah it looks awesome, I imagine it would be kind of tricky to handle but who cares.

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