What the hell, another hybrid? The Freebord is basicially a longboard but with an extra wheel at the center by each truck. What does this do? It gives you the ability to carve and control your speed the same way you do with a snowboard and I must say it looks pretty sweet carving down San Francisco streets.

Check out video below and the Freebord website for more videos and information about the Freebord.

Freebord website

3 Responses to “Freebord”

  1. peter Says:

    The people I’ve heard that tried it says it’s damn hard to ride it and if feels nothing like snowboarding.

    Looks really sweet though.

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    Too bad, but it’s nice though

  3. DrNO Says:

    Freebord är apkul, inte svårt alls. Man skall använda skydd. Freebord kan köra fort eftersom den kan bromsa på samma sätt som en snowboard.
    kolla in filmen på

    Apkul !

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