Burton Liquid Lounger

This backpack is more than just a regular backpack, it’s basicially a snowboarding backpack with that little extra. Nice touch with the champagne chimney. Below is some of the features, check out all features at Burton’s website.

– 12′ laptop compartment
– weather-resistant speakers, amp and aux input
– removable cd-case
– removable chair
– lined cooler compartment which holds a 40 ounce champagne bottle (or beer)
– vertical board carry with hideaway attachment straps.

Burton Liquid Lounger

Burton Liquid Lounger

2 Responses to “Burton Liquid Lounger”

  1. Aivanne Says:

    See, all my friends made fun of me when I ordered my Liquid Lounger, mainly because of the price. Now, last week-end we took a trip from Florida to North Carolina for a surf contest. Of course we’re broke so we had to camp…..They weren’t laughing anymore when I had a chair to sit in instead of finding a 12 square inch dry spot on the ground. They were even laughing less when I opened my cold beer, while still being seated, and finally they thanked me all for playing awesome tunes all night. Best backpack ever.

  2. Fredrik (KiNK.se) Says:

    Haha, that sounds great Aivanne :) Luxury in the wilderness is never wrong

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