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To enter the Planet Surf competition all you have to do is to tell them about your favorite surf spot. Everyone who enters will receive a Planet Surf DVD, and one very lucky winner + friend will be randomly selected to accompany the team on the upcoming Planet Surf trip.

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11 Responses to “Win a surf trip with O’Neill”

  1. Daryn Poverello Says:

    My favourite surf spot is a place called trapdoors which is in sawtell nsw. It is a point break which its normal size is between 3-6 foot. The first time i went there is was like a new discovery because it was just barelling and people were getting the best shacks of their lives. It is now my main beach break that i go to.

  2. Shauna Voss Says:

    Steamer’s Lane in Santa Cruz, California. This surf spot has three different breaks which offer great rights and some excellent lefts as well!

  3. jay mcmillan Says:

    my favourite surf spot would be panitan island in indonesia. There is a selection of lefts and right hand waves especially the heavy right hander deep in the bay. I surfed there in 2000 and havn’t had a chance to get back there but it would be the best 7 days i have had on a boat in indo ever…..

  4. Adrian Nelson Says:

    I only lived there for a couple months, but my favorite surf spot has to be a reef break off the shores of Lavena, Fiji. Located on Taveuni, Lavena is a small village at the end of the road that encircles the island. With a huge U-shaped coral outcrop it has a variety of left and right super fast hollow tubes. What makes it so great is you can stay in a beautiful backpackers right on the beach in a small fijian village with great people. Since Lavena is the end of the road, when you look at land from the water all you see is untouched jungle. Great uncrowded waves, a nice sunset, and lush jungle, you’ve got one of the best breaks in the world. . . .in my opinion.

  5. robert zammit Says:

    i am poor and im a really good surfer

  6. Travis Moseley Says:

    my favorite wave is at smiths beach, Phillip Island, always a great break the winter surf there is always awsome.

  7. terry Says:

    my fave wave would be lakey pipe sumbawa,big spitting lefts,man i miss that place

  8. laura Says:

    My favorite place is Berria, spain.
    beautiful waves, the water is clear, amazing..
    that’s all i need.. sun, waves, and the nature.

  9. Meach Says:

    Mine is probably Concession in the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Nice left and right pic. The left is a bit mellow on small waves and the right is more quicker and hollow.
    And of course the water is very clear, warm but shallow!!!!

  10. harry g Says:

    my favorite surf spot is a wave i found myself in western samoa while i lived there in high school.. its a reef pass left hander that wraps around like a dream ! it has an easy take off with a deep barrell section and a ramp at the end for boosting. i named the spot “birds break” because our samoan friend named bird swam out to the break to watch us and loved seeing surfers

  11. Samantha Joy Says:

    My favorite sport would be Maldives. It has unsurpassed beauty, perfect reef breaks, and vibrant nature.

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