Travis Pastrana moto x double backflip

This is some pretty crazy stuff. It wasn’t too long ago the first backflip with motocross was done, now Travis Pastrana have done the double backflip with his bike at the X-games. With this accomplishment Travis won the X-games best trick. Check out the video and the animated sequence below.

Double backflip, animated sequence

2 Responses to “Travis Pastrana moto x double backflip”

  1. Sickr Says:


    Travis Pastrana is officially the man. Insane.

  2. Jamie B. Says:

    I LOVE TRAVIS ALAN PASTRANA!!! He is the best! There is noone else like him. Without him noone would know what motocross is really sop. to be. He will be remember forever. Noone can take his glory away. GOOOOOOO TRAVIS!!! #1 FOREVER

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