Corduroy trailer

Corduroy is a ski film from Rage Films who made films such as Booter Crunk and Stimulus. Check out the sneak peek of Jamie Pierre’s massive cliff drop. The film will be out september 15th, and by the look of the trailer it won’t be half bad.

Rage Films

Tim Durtschi, Zach Christ, Mike Wilson, Sammy Carlson, Cody Townsend, Julian Carr, Ian Cosco, Patrik Leidstedt, Kyler Cooley, Jamie Pierre and many more.

3 Responses to “Corduroy trailer”

  1. Sickr Says:


    Some of that footage is truely breath taking.

    Its great to see that people are still going out there and representing Ski’ing in a major way.

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    Of course, skiers rock, (even though I snowboard myself) I have the utmost respect for people who shred like they do.

  3. Sickr Says:


    I never believed you could do what I just saw on Ski’s, I am now a firm believer that anythings possible.

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