Bike messenger style

PingMag have a nice article about bike messengers that you should check out. My opinion is that bike messengers are crazy, the way they push through traffic seemingly fearless but it’s hard not be get impressed seeing them do what they do.

Article about bike messengers at PingMag

Below is a videoclip with Joe Ponto biking in NYC, that’s really some cool stuff.

3 Responses to “Bike messenger style”

  1. Sickr Says:

    Certainly a good way to keep fit and possibly end up in hospital.


  2. Cykelbud i New York | Says:

    […] Ett cykelbud i New York med videokamera monterad pÃ¥ huvudet. […]

  3. Wetube - Videobloggen » bloggarkiv » Galet cykelbud pÃ¥ Manhattan Says:

    […] (via Kink) […]

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